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11 September 23

August Tyre Troubles 2023

If your web enquiry in the coming weeks is ‘mobile flat van tyre repair near me’ then you might well be prompted to contact Tyrenet and benefit from the services of part of our extensive emergency van tyre call out network and your case could feature in a future edition of our newsletter. Here are some more pictures from recent outings for our 24/7 lorry and van tyre services nearby around the UK showing examples of emergency van tyre call outs and commercial truck tyre repairs or replacements during the last month. 
We have over 1,000 tyre dealers and depots nationwide servicing more than 300 emergency fleet and commercial vehicle callouts every day either on a single emergency basis or more often as part of a fleet management services programme.
Our aim is to fix any tyre, anytime and anywhere and most importantly, get your vehicle back on the road in under 90 minutes.

1. Our first case this month was for a single 225/45R18 Bridgestone which was fitted on a 95Y load rating along with a 30-minute retorque. The well-worn and damaged tyre shown above was a Hankook K127. Clearly the wear was very much one sided, but it had to be replaced and scrapped despite its 13 mm tread depth in parts. The driver had also been made aware of another tyre defect from the fitter’s notes reading ‘the customer is aware that the vehicle should not be used on the road until the near side front tyre has been replaced as the inner edge is through to the cords and is unsafe’. The job was located near Rugby and the actual tyre replacement only took 15 minutes.
225/45R18 Bridgestone which was fitted on a 95Y

2. Occasionally, our 24hour commercial tyre fitting services are called on to replace a tyre and wheel with one carried by the vehicle in distress. This is such an example where we fitted an off-side rear outer where the tyre and the 7.5X22.5 wheel were supplied by the customer so just a fitter was requested but on arrival the wheel had mysteriously ‘fallen off’ and had damaged studs, so requiring a mechanic to fit new studs and nuts at the very least. The fitter was unable to help spending 15 minutes with the vehicle on the East bound M25 between Clackett Lane and the A21, in a layby. The driver then rebooked the fitter to attend once the studs and nuts were sorted.
replace a tyre and wheel

3. A typical late night tyre incident and 24hour call out for commercial tyres when 2 tyres were blown out after they hit something in the road. The offside front outer and offside middle outer needed replacing with two 265/70R19.5 Firestones along with two 7.50X19.5 10 stud wheels as they were badly damaged. The old tyres were sent to the bank and the job located at Watford Gap services took an hour and 24 minutes for the out of hours commercial tyre repair team to complete, finishing at 1:57AM  in the early hours.
call out for commercial tyres when 2 tyres were blown out

4. This blowout happened on the A1M northbound carriageway near Junction 61, the Bowburn Interchange, resulting in a call out for truck tyres. Our commercial tyre replacement mobile service attended the incident in the early afternoon taking just 1 hour 20 minutes to complete the replacement on the near side front with an identical 315/70R22.5 Hankook AH31 steer tyre and a 30-minute retorque. There was 10mm tread depth left on what remained of this truck tyre, but the driver took his souvenir blown out tyre back with him to evidence the incident.
This blowout happened on the A1M northbound

5. Our 24-hour van tyre fitter was called to a mobile van tyre fitting emergency out of hours just before 6pm, outside the Olympic Studios SW1 London. The punctured van tyre a 225/65R16C on the offside rear of the van was replaced with a budget tyre on a 112T load rating. A valve was also fitted and the wheel was balanced. The damaged van tyre was a worn run flat tyre that had to be scrapped. The job took just 20 minutes including checking the tyre pressures so that the van driver could get on his way and continue his business as quickly as possible.
punctured van tyre a 225/65R16C on the offside rear of the van

6. This must qualify as one of the most worn commercial tyres we’ve ever seen. Certainly, it was one of the most worn tyres last month and clearly not part of our commercial tyre maintenance programme. The 23X8.50-12 rear BKT Skid Power HD tyre was fitted to a plant vehicle. Our commercial tyre fitters diligently reported back the tread depth as ‘0mm’ and this large tyre had to be ordered for delivery so that it could be fitted the following day as very few tyre dealers will carry very large tyres in stock. The commercial tyre fixers in this case also reported on their job sheet that the tyre was ‘below the legal limit’, no doubt with their tongues very firmly in their cheeks although the tyre fitter did carry out a risk assessment and took 40 minutes on site to replace this tyre that was inevitably scrapped.
one of the most worn commercial tyres we’ve ever seen

7. Another day another dumper truck tyre repair. The tyre in question was a near side rear 405/70R20 Starco tyre that like many dumper trucks as regular readers will know. Our commercial tyre fitting service went above and beyond what was requested and cleaned the wheel rim too as part of a check on the wheel. The punctured Starco tyre also had a tyre valve, HPVC fitted as the old valve had been snapped. The tyre fitter advised the customer that the tyre had large splits running on the side walls and so being in poor condition, it was advised that the tyre would need changing very soon.  The job took 25 minutes to complete on site in Burnham near Slough.
dumper truck tyre repair

8. Our commercial tyre fitters are all trained to repair if possible and to find ways to keep vehicles and drivers safe but at the same time give the best advice to save the customer money if they can. This offside front 315/R7022.5 Bridgestione R297 Tyre was soft and in so not good condition, so it was swapped to the mid-lift position and then fully inflated with the vehicle PSI’s (tyre pressures) being adjusted on the vehicle. Swapping the tyres took 19 minutes to complete along with a 30-minute retorque on location in Birmingham.
19 minute commercial tyre replacement

9. This catastrophic loss of tread was caused by a blowout on a nearside rear 385/65R22.5 super single trailer tyre. The damaged tyre clearly could not have its remaining tyre tread recorded as it was missing and was replaced with a Zeta tyre with a 164k load along with a HPVC. The failed tyre was an Insa truck tyre. The commercial tyre fitting took 37 minutes and the damaged tyre was scrapped. It was an out of hours emergency call out taking place at 22:50 so completion of commercial tyre fix was 23:27 located on the A34 northbound near the Markham junction.
catastrophic loss of tread was caused by a blowout

10. This front tyre, tube and flap were all replaced using 27X10-12 Mitas tyre, tube and flap supplied by the customer. The tyre was badly worn and so was scrapped in just 38 minutes at a site location near Colchester.
fast commercial tyre replacement

If your fleet doesn’t have a maintenance contract in place or you’d like your local tyre dealer to be able to use our tyre network to attend emergencies when your vehicles are delivering or working out of area, then talk to us. You will get the benefit of any existing agreed tyre prices but also get a nationwide service as we will work with your current provider and give them a national emergency of breakdown service to add to what they provide you with locally.  We pride ourselves on answering the calls in under 10 seconds and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help you equally quickly.

Never lose a job due to breakdown

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