Tyre Dealers

Join the most comprehensive network of independent tyre dealers in the UK

  • 98% brand availability

  • Full UK coverage

  • 90min turnaround time

  • 24/7 support

As our client base grows each year, so does our need for highly motivated professional tyre dealers to meet their needs, and the requirements of our expanding business.

Quality is paramount for us and our customers, so all tyre dealers must pass a strict criteria in order to become a partner. This underpins the professional delivery and excellent service provided to our fleet customers 24/7. 

Join the fastest growing network of independent tyre dealers in the UK now.
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Become a tyre dealer partner

If you are interested in becoming a Tyrenet service partner, as a tyre dealer you will gain the following benefits:
  • Profitable and secured business

  • On-site and local service work

  • Contract support and advice

The key to our success - reciprocal relationships

Build, retain and share

Our aim has always been to build, retain and share the business that we win with our independent tyre dealer partners, and vice versa. We strongly believe in the simple principle that if a dealer gains benefit from another dealer’s business, then the dealer receiving the benefit should share its work with other dealer partners within the network. 
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Dedicated dealer programme

Gain major regular fleet maintenance contracts with blue-chip clients

As our partnerships with tyre dealers evolve, with trust and reliability, our ability to offer tyre dealers dedicated contracts increases, meaning:
  • More security for your business

  • More revenue generation

  • More opportunity to grow with us

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