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08 November 23

Crane Stranded on the M1 for 12 hours - Going The Extra Mile

Every month we feature a number of emergency tyre call outs and occasionally in doing our research to find the most interesting vehicle emergency tyre repairs, we find a special case. Choosing the best 10 pictures and summaries to feature can be difficult but this one stood out from the 6,000 or so monthly emergency truck or van tyre replacement jobs and we thought that warranted a bit more than just inclusion as one of the 10.
Crane Stranded on M1

This is one of those memorable tyre replacement jobs that took place in September. Tyrenet was contacted some time into the incident. An overseas based mobile crane had a blow out on the M1, somewhere between Junction 14 and 15 on the southbound carriageway near Northampton. The vehicle had been stranded in an emergency layby for over 12 hours at night when Tyrenet received the call. During the next few hours two of our operations team members, Katie and Andy helped to resolve the problem for the driver and the company. The issue that seemed unsolvable was that a replacement tyre couldn’t be found locally and so our search kept widening. One of the key benefits of the Tyrenet network of dealers is that with over 1,000 depots nationwide somebody was bound to have the tyre in question, it was just a case of finding the tyre that was needed. It took some time to find the solution with a lot of phone calls, messages, and emails. In this case the replacement tyre was located at Lincoln over 100 miles from the incident.
Crane Wheel Removed

Crane Tyre Replacement

The 112 mile journey took over 2 hours to reach the location and so Andy and Katie regularly kept the driver informed of progress as they knew that on top of an already 12 hour wait, alone in a lorry cab alongside the busy M1 in quite a vulnerable place would not be easy, especially as it was an out of hours call on a Saturday and so really eating in to the weekends for all concerned.
Crane Tyre

They also checked to see if the roadside emergency tyre fitter could bring any food or drink for the driver too or in fact anything he might have needed as he had been stuck on the M1 for so long.

 A replacement identical tyre a Goodyear 445/75R225 Omnitrac was fitted on the near side rear along with a HPVC and a 30 minute torque at 700NM. Andy also checked up on him after the event to make sure everything went well, the driver said ‘very smoothly and that Tyrenet was a big help’.
Mobile Crane Tyre Replaced
Our thanks to Andy and Katie for going above and beyond the norm for this truck driver and also our thanks to the team at ATC in Lincoln, a real team effort for all concerned and another job well done albeit not within our target 90 minutes but we think you’ll have to agree, this was perhaps an out of the ordinary roadside assistance truck tyre replacement! 
New Tyre for Mobile Crane Fitted

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