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25 May 22

Customers Say The Nicest Things

An Important Question Too!

We are attending to around 300 stranded vehicles a day and often we get great feedback after quickly resolving an issue but recently we had a more unusual emergency request via our driver communication system.  Each time we receive a call out we put the driver onto our communication system so that they can be updated on the progress of their job and feed-back any other useful information.  Often the key to a quick resolution is for example to get the exact location and in the case of multiple carriageways, getting the right direction is something that all of our team strive to establish but in this case we were also asked to deliver vital supplies.  The driver waiting for his or her roadside assistance commercial tyre repair can often provide useful additional information to speed up their mobile hgv lorry tyre replacement. 
 The following is from a driver using our industry leading, bespoke driver communication tool that was created for us.  This enables us to do better, and be better!!

It is always nice to know that we are providing both a valuable and valued service.  Typically, the comments are more like this: “You repaired a tyre yesterday on one of our HGV’s and were seriously helpful and efficient.”

But this client went on to ask a question that we really want everybody to know the answer to:

 “Do you offer accounts or can we register our commercial fleet with you for field replacement of failed tyres please? 
 If you can let me know what else we can do I’d appreciate it, we have 2 7.5 Tonne Dad wagons, 12 Mercedes Sprinter vans (3.5 Tonne) and two Transit Customs”.
The answer is of course, the majority of our 24 hr commercial tyre service clients are registered with us already and have an account.  It is a very easy process and it starts by clicking the link on the website for fleets to sign up.

Fleet Operator Sign Up

The call out for commercial tyre replacement is then usually made by the back office staff in the fleet management services team.  They often become quite familiar with the things we need to know but also with one or two of our team here in Liverpool and that helps to speed up the engagement of  the local commercial tyre fitters and the completion of the job.
If it is down to the driver to find the solution, then typically they might search on Google for mobile commercial tyre fitters or mobile hgv commercial tyres or something like that and they should be offered Tyrenet as an option but there are also businesses that pick up a client from a web search for  say, truck tyre road service near me  and then they will sub contract the job to us anyway but with a significant margin added. 
One of the many advantages that you will benefit from as an account holder and/or a tyre maintenance customer,  is that in an emergency we are able to quote the same or similar prices to those that you are normally charged for the routine maintenance service.
This will apply also if you have a maintenance deal with one of our Tyrenet network tyre dealers, we get from them the price that should be charged if they were replacing the tyre locally and the other member of the network who is attending to your same day commercial tyre fitting plus the call out charge.  This way members of our network can keep costs to a minimum, even with an emergency commercial tyre call out.
To find out more visit the website, we would also welcome your existing tyre dealer to join our network and we will give them work too so ask them to register so that you get local prices on a national basis.


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