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03 March 23

February Tyre Troubles

February 2023 Commercial Tyre Repairs & Replacements 

Here are a selection of stories from our mobile van tyre fitting and truck tyre road service specialists that are always nearby.  With over 1,000 tyre repair and fitting depots around the UK, we are always closer than you might think and as most of the tyre dealer nearby also hold tyre stocks, that means you can challenge us to fix any tyre, anytime and anywhere.

1. Somebody had a tough start to their day as this 385/65R22.5 super single trailer tyre located nearside middle, blew out on the A57 near Worksop before breakfast as it was an out of hours call in the morning.  Thankfully, the vehicle was pulled over in a layby so that our mobile tyre fitter could replace the Bridgestone R168 with a Tegrys TE48T truck tyre along with a new HPVC cap without having to remove the wheel, speeding up the emergency tyre repair job to just 21 minutes start to finish to get speedily get the vehicle back on the road.

2. Here we have a 2 brace of budget tyres to fix this driver’s issues. All four positions were covered with 225/75R16 budget tyres.  The job included fitting new valves and balancing as well as all the wheel nuts being torqued to 140NM.  The old tyres were all worn almost to the legal limit of 1.6mm resulting in them all being scrapped.  The vehicle was not far from Romford, but we are a bit sceptical about the time it took to complete as the job sheet says the arrival time was 11:56 AM and the mobile fitter was then offsite at 12:02.  6 minutes seems a bit quick even for us and thankfully the fitter doesn’t charge by the hour otherwise it would have proved an incredibly low cost truck tyre replacement too!

3. Here is a great example of the effects on tyre wear of under inflation.  The outsides of the tyre had worn below the legal limit and yet the tread depth in the centre of the tyre was still over 8mm. The 245/70R19.5 BridgestoneE RT1 was fitted to the nearside inner rear wheel to replace the Continental CHT3 which was removed and then scrapped. This out of hours commercial tyre breakdown took place in the early hours, taking 55minutes to complete the tyre replacement at 1:41am at a pallet site at Fradley near Lichfield in Staffordshire.

4. This perhaps unusual view of the offside middle tyre of an earthmover.   The 23.5R25 tyre was repaired with a CT80 Gator radial repair patch.  It isn’t always necessary to replace a tyre and most customers want us to try to repair a tyre before suffering the expense of a  tyre replacement especially for a large construction vehicle like an earth mover.  This mobile tyre repair also included 25” O’RING that was fitted and took 1HR and 11 minutes to complete. The call out to attend this stricken vehicle was attended by one of our mobile tyre fitters near Salisbury.

5. Our fifth example this month was another construction vehicle tyre problem.  Perhaps a more traditional JCB tractor digger with an apparent tyre puncture problem.  As you can see from the image this JCB and  16.9R28 wheel has a damaged near side rear rim.  Our specialist tyre fitter in Purley, was able to repair the rim and establish an air tight seal to reinflate the tyre and  avoid the need for a new wheel. A roadside location, this tyre repair took just 19 minutes to complete.

6. Sticking with the construction theme and a regular feature in our monthly selections is a dumper truck.  This 500/60R22.5, 9 Ton Dumper plant job had 2 puncture repairs on two Starco tyres both rear positions. The repair job for both tyres took 31 minutes to complete and was located at a Belway homes site in Ipswich. As with most jobs the mobile tyre fitter’s primary aim was to get the vehicle back in action and to do that he had to remove two screws from the tyres and remove and clean the valve which was almost fully unthreaded from the Balbe and was filled with grit and so air was pouring out of that too. 

The fitter noted that the tyres will need replacing soon as they not only had a low level of tread but they also had suffered cuts as had the dumper truck’s front nearside tyre too but in the sidewall.  With construction vehicle’s tyres or plant jobs as we call them, it is often difficult to carry out routine maintenance as they are rarely back at a ‘yard’ spending most of their time in action on relatively inaccessible building sites.

7. We work on tyre repairs and replacement of all types and we specialise in commercial and truck tyres but sometimes a call can be to a tyre or wheel repair for a car or van and as in this case a relatively inaccessible location not that far from the coast at Hastings.  A 225/65R16 SUNNY tyre was fitted as a budget tyre on the near side rear to replace the old tyre which had blown out even though its tread depth was 5 mm.  The job was just in the daytime shift taking only 18 minutes to complete and finishing at  17:01.

8. Another plant job and another dumper tyre this time a 11.5/80R15.3 for a Terex Dumper, its ARMOUR R1 TYRE on the nearside front was repaired but the roadside emergency tyre fitter specifically took a photo of the ‘dimpled’ tube which they thought should ideally be replaced.  The pocked marked tube was caused by the by the stones and debris that was inside the tyre and that was cleaned out as part of the tyre tube repair.  The tyre pressure were all checked too and overall the job took 56 minutes to complete on site in Stanley near Sunderland.

9. This is another plant trailer job and one very similar to a job we featured a couple of months ago where there was another compressor machine with two very worn tyres that needed to be replaced. 155R13C trailer wheels were fixed with two Hankook RA18 Tyres along with , two valves cords showing and a balance as the wear on the tyres clearly shows uneven wear. The old Ovation tyres were scrapped both being low on tread and with the  cords showing. The job took 30 minutes to complete at the site location in Tunbridge Wells.

10. Our final example from last month is for a  235/65R16C van wheel.  This emergency van tyre call out resulted in a Sunny Tyre being fitted along with a valve and HPVC covers. As you can see the tread on this Continental tyre was very low with only 3mm of tread remaining in parts but also showed signs of uneven wear resulting in a wheel balance being carried out too.  The 24hr emergency van tyre callout was late afternoon in Brighton taking 29 minutes to complete including the wheel balance.

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