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13 February 23

January 2023 Tyre Troubles

January 2023 Top Ten ‘Tyres and Tyre troubles’- More mobile tyre repair and replacement stories from our fleet management services team and provided by our network of local commercial tyre fitters.

1. It took just over ½ hour for our mobile tyre fitter to resolve this commercial tyre breakdown with a 215/75R17.5 J Rated (Also known as a trailer tyre).  The near side middle position was punctured and had a leaking valve, we fitted a new Goodyear Kmax  as the  Sailun SAR1 tyre was unrepairable which is always our first option, especially when there is 12mm  tread depth remaining.  The old tyre returned with the driver from the scene which was a vehicle inspection site near Abingdon.

2. This lorry tyre emergency call out was managed by our 24 hour call out commercial tyres  team who received the call at 19:00 to attend a blow out and roadside repair on the M6, southbound near junction 36 on the hard shoulder. The off side middle 385/65R22.5 super single trailer tyre was a Continental CHT3, identical to the tyre coming off. It was a more unusual job as the fitter told us that ‘The whole hub has shattered causing the wheel to come loose causing it to blow out. Driver rang his boss and who wanted the wheel taking off then the axle strapping up to get him off the motorway to a truck haven where the hub was sorted and the tyre fitted to the loose wheel’. The old tyre went to a casing bank, the job took 57 minutes to complete.

3. This 315/80R22.5 tyre was replaced with a budget tyre to its , middle axle position. The Goodyear Kmax S with a load rating of 156L removed, had blown out with 5mm tread depth remaining and was scrapped as you can imagine looking at this picture.  The repaired wheel had its wheel nuts torqued to a setting of 650nm too.  This truck tyre breakdown service took just 26 minutes to complete and was located on the M5, junction 26 – 27, near Taunton.

4. Unusually this customer had their own 315/80R22.5 Hankook AH31 which was fitted to a new wheel to the off side front. The fitter just fitted it to a new 900X22.5 wheel all before breakfast as this was another out of hours job for our commercial tyre 24 7  team to deal with.
The local commercial tyre fitters were close to the scene at Brampton hut services and took just 36 minutes to complete and all finished  at 07:20.  The old tyre and wheel was returned with driver.

5. Our recent safety article explaining the explosive dangers of a burst commercial tyre is well depicted here.  In this case  the 275/70R22.5 Hankook TH31 trailer tyre was  fitted to the nearside front wheel of this  car transporter. The old tyre removed, was worn and had sidewall damage even though it 5mm depth remaining on the centre of the tyre.  The emergency truck tyre fitter took 50 minutes to complete the task at a location in Queenborough.

6. This truck tyre quick solution was to repair this almost worn out 405/70R20, plant tyre fitted to  6 ton Dumper Truck on the nearside front wheel. As per the customer’s wishes this Starco tyre was repaired as a temporary repair but new tyre is needed.  Located on site at construction site the job took 51 minutes to complete.  Our mobile tyre fitter advised a new tyre is needed as there were deep cuts and all around the beads have rotted, a tube had been fitted previously and there is a danger of blowing off the rim.
Clearly, we will always think of safety first and foremost but in these difficult commercial times sometimes other pressures win out even though we know this will be another job albeit perhaps for our commercial tyre maintenance programme rather than the emergency tyre service.

7. Perhaps a topical subject for new van tyres now is the impact of poorly maintained roads as this repair was caused by hitting a pothole. This emergency van tyre call out was to fix a van tyre puncture but there was slight damage to the wheel rim which had caused the problem. The mobile van tyre fitting of a 215/65R16C Hankook RA18 109T  also included a new valve and wheel balance. 
The call out for a van tyre emergency near Sidcup, Kent, took 20 minutes to complete and didn’t need a replacement van tyre as it had only recently been fitted on this vehicle and so was repaired easily.

8. This trailer tyre call out to replace a 195/55R10 commercial in a front position was a roadside vehicle repair at moto Blyth services, on the A1 (M). A Nankang TR10 tyre was fitted,  the blown out and an  unknown tyre was removed and the wear  was such that the mobile fitter was unable to see any information on the tyre wall.  The old tyre was scrapped and the job took 56 minutes to complete.  Notably, one wheel nut was cross threaded,  the fitter said it was difficult to remove and was then unable to secure it, he made the driver aware to get it replaced asap.

9. Another construction site emergency call out but this time for a 500/60R22.5 Alliance 9Ton Dumper tyre.  The truck tyre fleet management team were called about this one hopefully as a repair as there was 21mm of tread depth remaining but were unable to repair this heavy duty tyre as there was a large cut in the sidewall. The site foreman called the hire company as it was brought to site in that condition and probably something that many wouldn’t look for. The job was located in Hollingbourne, Maidstone in Kent and took just 30 minutes to complete.

10. Our truck tyre roadside assistance team were called about another truck trailer tyre.  A 445/45R19.5 NSF trailer tyre was fitted along with a 14X19.5 10 stud rim fitted,  as you would imagine from this picture.  The mobile fitter suggested that there was a ‘bent rim and tyre sidewall damage’.  I suspect he was slightly understating the damage in his correct and factual report on the roadside assistance commercial tyre repair that they had been called out to. In spite of what looked like significant damage the job took 16 minutes to complete.  The wheel nuts were also torqued to a setting of 650 nm.  The  job was part of the fleet tyre services automotive maintenance programme in Fradley, Staffordshire.

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