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22 October 22

October Tyre Tribulations

Usually, we focus on the jobs carried out by our local commercial tyre fitter’s but this month, we have followed the more unusual truck emergency tyre repairs that the fleet management services deal with during their 24-hour commercial tyre call outs

We’re beginning October’s edition with probably the most unusual tyre incident we have ever came across! This was shared on our LinkedIn page and is a great example of the odd and unexplainable tyre problems our fitters face daily.

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A special thanks to our friend Tony for sharing this one with us, let’s hope she wasn’t still in the boot when it happened!

As some of you already know, before and after commercial tyre repair pictures are captured as part of our commercial tyre replacement services. This is vital to our customers as the pictures help explain what our emergency truck tyre fitters struggle to describe. Along with these, a job sheet is completed which records the time taken to complete the emergency truck or van tyre call out. 

Here is a prime example of a before and after picture of damage to a tyre wall. As you can see by the first image there is a deep cut but thankfully no cords exposed. As the damage was only minor the fitter was able to perform a tread repair and ‘dough’ the tyre back into place. With a tread depth of 13mm and a lot of life left in this offside front tyre we hope the driver was pleased and especially with the job only taking 14 minutes to complete!

Both wheel and tyre look like they have had better days! An 8.25x22.5 bent steel wheel and tyre blowout was tackled on this job. This vehicle was located on the side of the A17 which highlights the location risks and dangers involved in emergency tyre replacements. 

Our fitters are trained and qualified and as part of their everyday 24-hour commercial tyre callouts, they must make a judgement call be that safety, speed, or cost.

Most drivers request for the tyre disposal of their old tyres instead of dealing with it themselves. Despite this, the driver opted to take the remnants of this blowout himself. The tyre was safely strapped to the truck and the driver was back on his way within 37 minutes making this another fast roadside solution for both customer and our 24 hour commercial tyre fitter.

This tyre example could be a pub quiz question – What is this object?

The answer is a faulty valve core on a 9 Ton Dump Truck. This on-site job only took 16 minutes to complete making it one of the quickest construction vehicle tyre repairs we attended this month and well within the 90 minutes we aim for.

Sixth on our list is a severely bent rim and tyre wall damage. This was a commercial trailer wheel that had clearly contacted something it shouldn’t have! The fitter ran into trouble when he found the side rail latches were seized on but still managed the entire job in under one hour. There was 9mm of tread depth remaining on the old tyre which went back with driver.

Next in the ’24 hours call out commercial tyres’ hall of fame, was perhaps a more common sight of peeling tread, exposing the cords within the tyre. This job was an out of hours commercial tyre repair. The old truck tyre was scrapped, its position was passenger front and the vehicle in question was is a super single trailer.

Again, this was an out of hours callout for one of our experienced fitters. As you can see, this tyre still had a lot of tread left approximately 16 mm but with severe tread damage it needed to be replaced which took only half an hour to complete.

Our ninth example is an HGV truck tyre blowout. The 40-minute job resulted in the old tyre being scrapped and its rear position replaced with a new truck tyre now logged on our truck tyre fleet management systems for future reference.

Notably, this roadside HGV tyre replacement took place on one of the new motorway laybys.

We are ending on a quick roadside van tyre fitting which involved an irreparable puncture, changed tyre, valve fitting and wheel balance, all in just 19 minutes! This Ford van had undergone a van tyre mobile fitting where the old tyre had just 5 mm of tread depth remaining.

This job underpins our less well known 24-hour emergency van tyre service which is becoming more popular as more fleets are becoming aware of this van service, we now offer alongside the truck services. 

More sights and jobs for us all to see what happens at the ‘sharp end’ next month.

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