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23 November 22

October Tyre Troubles

As with the previous months, we’ve pulled together 10 tyre pictures that we have seen recently from  hundreds that are sent into our bespoke system every day to record before and after shots, both day and night 7 days a week.
We are very proud of our extensive truck tyre breakdown services network of over 1,000 depots nationwide so that we can get you back on the road in under 90 minutes but as you will see, usually, far less time than that.

Our 1st example of truck tyre roadside assistance was a 315/70R22.5, which was reported to us as a puncture but when our fitter arrived expecting to do an out of hours roadside tyre repair, his comment was that it was ‘off the beads’. This offside front tyre replacement in Wellingborough took 46 mins to complete, replacing the failed tyre with a Hankook new tyre. Sadly, the old tyre would have had some life in it with 6mm tread depth remaining but the damage to the tyre meant a tyre replacement was the only option.

Our 2nd truck tyre emergency failure was a 385/65R22.5, with significant sidewall damage on a middle axle on a super single, our roadside superstar completed this lorry tyre emergency call-out in under half an hour taking just 29 mins to complete. As is often the case for catastrophic truck tyre damage, there was 15mm tread depth remaining never to be used and heading for the scrap heap.

Perhaps an unusual sight for some, this is the truck tyre equivalent of ‘digging your heels in’. Clearly these 265/70R19.5 locked out resulting in ‘Flat Spotting’ on these two rear tyres. Our roadside HGV tyre expert fitted two Uniroyal branded tyres during this out of hours, 24 hour emergency truck tyre service with both failed tyres being scrapped.

If like me, you’ve ever wondered what a ‘run flat’ looks like on the inside, here is a van tyre quick peek to provide some insight. This blow out of a 215/70R15, was a van tyre fast fix, which took just 14 minutes to complete the job, clearly with the old tyre being scrapped.

Our fleet tyre services agricultural division attended this vehicle- just kidding we don’t have an agricultural tyre team, all of our fitters multi-task and multi-skill and work on plant and machinery in factories, earth movers or tractors in open fields or wherever they need tyres. Often very big and heavy tyres, this 23.5R25 took 1hr 11 mins to complete the job. In this case it was a puncture repair with a 25” ‘o’ring fitted on a CT80 Tractor radial tyre. Whilst it would have been a valuable job to replace that particular tyre, our first aim is always to repair commercial tyres ahead of replacing them. In this case probably saving its owner a substantial 4 figure sum.

Our sixth 24 hour commercial tyre call out took place on the A3 en-route to Guildford. I am intrigued by this picture, for no other reason than our tyre fitter either had a very long ‘selfie stick’ or he persuaded the driver to lie on the floor whilst he took his ‘before’ shot! I’m guessing he wasn’t alone for this Super Single trailer tyre on a truck. Maybe evidence that our multi-skilled superstar didn’t stop the job or waste any time to take the picture, as it only took him 11 mins to complete this truck tyre replacement service, the old tyre was scrapped. Notably, the picture shows the truck tyre blowout still on the vehicle.

Our 7th example would be a perfect solution to a web search for ‘truck tyre road service near me’ as the job needed to be completed onsite at the customer’s depot.  It looks like this 295/80R22.5 tyre was subjected to a significant impact to cause this tyre sidewall damage which also resulted in a replacement 8.25X22.5 steel rim. As always, a truck tyre replacement and tyre prematurely leaving as the tread depth remaining was 19mm. Another truck tyre quick fix though, as the job took under 20 mins to complete.

I am told that one of the most frequent call requests is to fix a vehicle working on a scrap site or for example a ‘skip truck’ tyre repair.  In this case though it was a roadside job in Eastbourne for, what turned out to be, a replacement 195/65R15 tyre. Under normal circumstances either one of these punctures would have been repaired but with them being so close to each other they were unrepairable, so a new budget tyre was fitted. This near side rear tyre replacement took 15 mins to complete and an otherwise good tyre was scrapped.

Our 9th October Truck Tyre failure was a 245/70R17.5 tyre but notably further issues were averted when a routine tyre maintenance check revealed that there was a crack in the steel wheel. The tyre had only 3mm tread depth remaining, so the tyre was also changed with the old tyre scrapped. The truck tyre breakdown service also carried out a 30 min retorque to ensure that all of the wheels were correctly and safely fitted.

This one was on halloween so I had to finish with a ‘spooky one’, it may just be me after a long day but when I looked at this one, I felt it was looking back at me!
We get many callouts to replace tyres on plant and machinery  and in this case, we fitted two 155R13C, new Hankook tyres to a compressor vehicle. This commercial tyre breakdown took half an hour to resolve and as you can see, had very worn tyres. The fitter described them as being ‘low on tread’ which I suspect was ‘tongue in cheek’! He also noted that the old tyres were scrapped, wheel nuts where torqued to a setting of 120.

More picture stories about commercial tyre repairs and replacements next month. Hopefully, our intrepid fleet tyre suppliers, fitters and call handling team will be busy helping more people to get back on the road in under 90minutes as the weather deteriorates and the days get shorter.

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