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October Tyre Troubles

01 December 23

October Tyre Troubles and Tribulations 2023

Perhaps a little known fact but as part of the Tyrenet service we collect ‘before and after’ pictures for every job we do. With over 300 call outs for commercial tyre replacements every day, that is a lot of damage and a lot of headaches for fleet management services that our ever-ready mobile HGV commercial tyre service deal with.

1. We are asked to do all types of commercial tyre replacements and not every job is an emergency HGV tyre. Perhaps one of the more unusual jobs was 2.5/R3 Mowerdeck Tipper, Advance 1200 model tyre replacement. Our commercial tyre fitter was called to fit the customer’s replacement tyre as a fit only job. As always, speed is of the essence so that the equipment in question can get back into action. The old cutting deck tyre was left on site. The tyre replacement took 35 minutes to complete as our tyre fitter arrived on site in Crawley at 14:30 and was off site at 15:05.
Mowerdeck Tipper Tyre Change

2. Our next job required a new truck tyre and truck wheel replacement. This 315/70R22.5 nearside front wheel blow out was on a steering axle of a Mercedes 44-ton lorry. A budget Torque brand tyre was provided by the dealer along with a 900X22.5 10 stud wheel. In addition, for this out of hours truck tyre replacement, a 30 minute  retorque was carried out. This commercial tyre call out was only just out of hours and our 24-hour commercial tyre fitter arrived at the roadside location at 17:45 and finished 1hr later 18:45 from the job location on the M4.
tyre and truck wheel replacement

3. This Uniroyal DH40 was removed and scrapped as it only had 1mm tread depth left. It was replaced with a  315/70R22.5 Hankook DH51 tyre with a 154 Load rating, a HPVC was also fitted and a 30 min retorque carried out. Our 24 hour commercial tyre change service was on site at 17:03 and off site 18:30 so the job took 27 minutes to complete. The 24 hour roadside commercial tyre service took place on the outskirts of Dundee in Scotland.
Uniroyal DH40 was removed and scrapped

4. This callout was for a commercial tyre blow out on a motorway, however, the driver in this case had his own spare wheel and tyre to replace this 205/75R16 on the off-side front position. As usual our emergency lorry tyre fitter turned up with a suitable Falken brand tyre as a back-up, just in case the customer’s own property was not viable. We always take a new tyre just in case and will request the fitter call for authorisation from us/ customer before fitting a new tyre. The job took just 20 minutes to complete as our tyre fitter was on site at 14:30 and off site 14:50 during which time the wheel nuts were torqued to a setting of 240. The incident occurred westbound on the M27 between junctions 8 and 7.
commercial tyre blow out on a motorway

5. In spite of this being a run flat truck tyre, by the time our emergency truck tyre fitter in East Yorkshire got to inspect the damage to the 540/65R28 offside front wheel, it was clear that the tyre would be a write off and needing a new truck tyre. Run flat tyres are designed with reinforced sidewalls to support the vehicle in the case of a puncture, knowing this, the fitter took a tube to repair it, but it was unrepairable as you can see from the pictures. The tyre emergency took place on the B1242, in Mappleton near Hull. The job finished at 12:27 and the customer subsequently arranged to replace the tyre at a later date.
new tyre fitted

6. Here is a good example of the damage caused when a truck tyre locks out. The 385/65R22.5 nearside front  position  was a Bridgestone R179 160k and was replaced by an identical commercial tyre. The failed tyre was showing some cuts to the cords as well as the flat spotting. Had this wheel not locked, there would have been quite a bit of life left as the Super Single Trailer tyre had 8mm tread depth on most of the tyre. The emergency wheel repair took 20 minutes to complete at 10:29am and finished 10:49 on the M6 Toll, Northbound, between T2 – T1.
Super Single trailer tyre replaced

7. As regular readers will know, there is always a dumper truck and invariably it is damage like in the photograph as building sites are simply a very hazardous place for truck tyres, even tyres as robust as dumper truck tyres. This Starco 295/80R15.3 nearside rear tyre on a 9 Ton dumper was successfully repaired by our mobile commercial flat tyre repair expert. Just as well as the tyre was nearly new and in very good condition with 15mm of tread depth. We always aim to repair a tyre first and foremost and only resort to replacing if necessary. In this case our dumper truck tyre repair was done in 16 minutes and didn’t even need to remove the wheel to fix the puncture. The job started at 12:40 and finished at 12:56 on site at Langton Park near Swindon.
Dumper truck tyre replaced

8. This is a classic picture of a run flat tyre without its wrapper on! This 385/65R22.5 near side middle on a Super Single Trailer had a problem on the M11, between junctions 7 & 8 near Bishops Stortford. A Goodride Multiap Z1 160k tyre was fitted by our local tyre fitter. The old tyre was recorded as runflat with just 1mm of tread depth left although we can only imagine the tread depth was measured on the missing part of the truck tyre blow out and so was scrapped. The motorway roadside truck tyre service took 45 mins to complete the job arriving at 11:23 and the vehicle back on the road at 12:08.
Goodride Multiap Z1 160k tyre replaced

9. This rather spectacular looking split on a 225/75R16C Commerical offside rear van tyre was also another incident in the Cambridge area. A Laufenn tyre was fitted along with a valve and a balance was carried out too by our local van tyre repair service. This customer has a scrap policy where the ‘tyres go to Continental/ Bandvulc bank’, the tyre removed was a Hifly which had 4mm tread depth and was removed as the tyre was damaged, the van tyre fitter near Cambridge had to remove the wheel to carry out this job so the job took 26 mins to complete, on site at the roadside at 16:11 and off site 16:37.
spectacular looking split on a 225/75R16C Commerical offside rear van tyre

10. This nearside front 385/65R22.5 on a Super single trailer blew out on the A5 near Coventry. Our local lorry tyre fitters were on site at 13:50 and after 30 minutes at 14:20, they had fitted a Hankook TH31 164K along with HPVC. The fitter that removed the Kuhmo KMA12 tyre was unable to find a sufficiently complete area with tread to be able to measure it.
nearside front 385/65R22.5 on a Super single trailer blew out on the A5 near Coventry
Another successful job to add to over 300 similar cases of emergency truck tyre fitting nationwide every day.  

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