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07 March 23

Rules to change for Free Rolling Tyres from April 23

Tyres that are marked FRT on the side standing for Free Rolling Tyres will not be permitted on drive or steering axles of trucks from April 2023.  FRT tyres have been designed and developed to be used on the other axles of a vehicle that don’t turn or drive the vehicle.

At the moment, vehicles and trailers which are fitted with FRTs on drive axles are categorised as a major failure at annual test but the new rule will add the restriction to the steering axle as well.

FRTs on steering axles is no longer allowed from April 2023

From April 2023, FRTs fitted to front steering axles will be treated as a major deficiency resulting in the vehicle failing its annual test.  Until April FRTs fitted to steering axles may be issued with an advisory warning at an annual test. 

Preparing for the Free Rolling Tyres Rule Change

The DVSA is updating the HGV and PSV inspection manuals to reflect the change for FRTs on front steering axles. The DVSA has given operators using vehicles and/or trailers which are fitted with FRTs on steering axles 6 months to make changes and ensure they avoid a failure at annual test.

FRT tyre checks should now be part of a driver’s daily walkaround checks – as well as the regular management controls that operators need to have in place.  For those companies whose tyres are maintained by Tyrenet, the FRT status is recorded on the tyre portal that keeps track of every vehicle and its tyres.

Acknowledgement: Our thanks to the DVSA for their information.

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