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09 August 22

Top 10 Tyre Tribulations July

Another busy month at Tyrenet.  Here are the top 10 tyre tribulations in July. A sample of the tyre call outs we get everyday.

10. In 10th place this month an unsurprising but all to frequent occurrence but with sidewall damage and cuts to the cords,  this 245/70R17.5 tyre was a write off and the whole job was completed in 49 mins. Sadly, otherwise a good tyre with 6mm tread depth remaining, and that I know are a common sight for a truck tyre road service near me’

9. In 9th place an explosive failure of this tyre meant that little was left although difficult to spot from this pic but there was plenty of tread left to a depth of 14 mm so not a failure due to neglect. The tyre was located on the middle axle on a ‘super single trailer’ and no doubt this looks a bit different from the new truck tyre now.

8. 8th was a tyre that suffered significant tread damaged. It must have hit something substantial to have suddenly lost this amount of tread.  As you can see otherwise there is plenty of tyre left with 9mm tread depth left. Thankfully being the Near Side Front, it was easy to spot but it goes to show how important that daily tyre inspection is.  The job was completed in 25 minutes

7. 7th was another blow out on a ‘super single’ a relatively straight forward job that was completed in just 24 minutes making it one of the Fastest truck tyre replacements of the month.

6. 6th was a lost tyre because it has been run flat, damaging the tyre and this job was completed in 37 minutes  after the lorry tyre emergency call out.

5. Quite often we get jobs for plant and machinery, and they always represent something different or unusual so our 5th place job was an internal puncture repair, 8mm tread depth left, and completed in 59 minutes.

4. 4th is a common but unusual vehicle in a 9 ton dumper truck. Reminiscent of my Matchbox or Corgi toys almost 60 years ago, this classic design and simple construction had a puncture and then a new tube fitted in just 34 minutes. The old tube looking somewhat like a discarded flat cap that every self-respecting builder or worker wore back in those old days before health and safety.

3. The first of our top 3 is not easy to see without the help of the well placed boot of one of our skilled and qualified fitters. Whilst there was a reasonable tread depth remaining with 4mm,  the tyre was ruined as it  had been side walled.  Irregular wear and cut to cords also showed some areas of 2mm tread depth left.  The job was completed in 45 minutes with new a tyre being fitted.

2. 2nd is this speedily replaced tyre with the job completed in 24 minutes. As is often the case it perfectly illustrates the need for an all-round tread check as the old tyre, that has been scrapped, showed signs of irregular wear on one side.

1. Top of our list this month is an unusual one where the fitter was called upon to straighten this bent rim.  One of things that we often do is replace rims and it is one of the many things that our call-handlers check when placing the job so that we can minimise the lost time and maintain the speed of service. The bent rim was straightened up and the job was completed in 21 minutes and the 165R13C tyre was still ok to be used and so didn’t need replacing.

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