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21 June 22

Top Ten ‘Tyres and Tribulations’

Perhaps a little-known fact but as part of the Tyrenet service we collect ‘before and after’ pictures for every job we do.  With over 200 call outs for commercial tyre replacements every day, that is a lot of damage and a lot of headaches for fleet management services.

We know it is a serious business and we were interested to see the damage, so we thought you might be too.

10. Number 10 on our list is a truck tyre that unfortunately caught the wrong end of a 5 ton ratchet strap which was clearly on the road.  A little bit more devastating and impactful than the average nail or screw that usually results in a just a roadside truck tyre repair.  The tyre otherwise is in great condition and would have given many many more miles of service.
Commercial Tyre Damaged By Ratchet Strap

9. Our number 9 is a truck tyre that clearly travelled a little bit further than was good for it. Sadly, a common sight for many local roadside truck tyre breakdown services near me or you. We always try to repair but sometimes there is a need for a truck tyre replacement service!
Truck tyre travelled too far

8. For number 8 we thought we’d highlight the tread depth that some people operate on i.e. none! No surprises that this one failed and if you want some help on measuring your own tread depths then just email your details to support@tyrenet.net.
Truck tyre tread

7. Our lucky number 7 was lucky indeed because it looks to us like that this one hit an ‘object’ in the road at some speed with potential for a catastrophic end.  In this case the truck emergency tyre replacement was quickly added to the wheel that had itself, survived the impact and the vehicle was back on the road in under 90 minutes.
Truck tyre damaged by an object

6. In 6th place is a truck tyre replacement. As our ‘cash’ service on-line grows, so too do the number of trucks we are dealing with. Without regular inspections, a tyre can develop an area of wear resulting in the need for a tyre replacement, often in quite unusual locations.  Regular inspection is key as you can see on the truck tyre, failure can be quite quick.
Commercial Tyre Wear

5. Fifth in our list is an out of hours commercial tyre repair where our truck emergency tyre repair was not easy to see on the roadside in the dark but back in the depot and with the help of a steel rod, the failure can be more easily seen. Thanks to our 24 hour commercial tyre fitters who provide an exceptional 24 hour emergency truck tyre service almost anywhere in the country.
Commercial Tyre Damaged

4. Fourth and so just outside our top 3 roadside truck tyre replacements was another 24 hour commercial tyre call out.  This one is almost a work of modern art clearly revealing the steel banding within the tyre. In this case, the HGV tyre fast revealed its internal armoured belting. This would have been uniformed when the tyre was made but now represents almost an abstract sculpture to greet our local commercial tyre fitter who took this photo for us.
Mangled truck tyre in need of replacement

3. The final 3 were very difficult to separate, we were tempted to choose something more unusual like a tractor tyre replacement, agricultural tyre repair or HGV emergency tyres for the construction sector but in 3rd place we’ve chosen another spectacular tyre failure, again revealing some of the more complex composition of the subject of a lorry tyre emergency call out.
Truck tyre failure

2. Second in the Tyre Tragedy Top Ten was this beauty which also qualified for one of the fastest truck tyre replacements. Each commercial tyre emergency call out is recorded with not only the before and after photographs but the times taken to attend the scene and complete the job.  The job notes then act as a quality assurance check that we complete the job in under 90 minutes until the truck is mobile and back on the road, underpinning our slogan of ‘Back on the Road in 90 minutes’.  Others may quote a faster time but if you carefully read their claim it is usually ‘attendance’ and not completion of the job.
This was a commercial tyre emergency call-out that looked like it had so nearly survived a significant tyre impact but it’s sadly, as a commercial tyre breakdown, beyond repair. 
Commercial Tyre Requiring Replacement

1. Our number one and top emergency tyre replacement was this, perhaps a less catastrophic candidate and a commercial tyre emergency call out that was not one of the bigger or more significant jobs. We felt that this commercial tyre callout and failure almost spoke to us.
We are sure that in a world of ‘Twitter’ or ‘TikTok’ and amusing animations,  somebody could have given this one a voice and its catastrophic gape then used as the mouthpiece to tell us its own story.
Commercial tyre gaping hole

Next month we’ll publish some more emergency commercial tyre call-outs.
For the fitters out there, now you know we don’t just record the damage, we are also interested to better understand the story of each commercial tyre breakdown to share with our readers.
Please feel free to take your snaps with that in mind.

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