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22 January 24

Tyre Troubles December 2023

We have an unusual picture round-up for this month’s newsletter edition. A top 10 that is size exclusive, as a result of having many instances of roadside tyre breakdowns for the most commonly used size of truck tyre there is – the 385/65R22.5 super single trailer. We decided to feature examples of what has happened to them taken from our before and after records for every one of over 300 jobs we do a day and what our fleet management services teams deal with every hour.

1. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer - The nearside middle tyre suffered a blow out and a Blacklion BT160 was fitted to replace it in Old Stratford near Milton Keynes. Clearly there was some collateral wheel damage that our truck tyre roadside assistance fitter had to deal with. Not only did they replace the tyre and scrap the old one but also removed damaged sections of mud guard and secured the bars that held the mudguard in place. The whole job took 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete starting at 13:15 so enabling the driver to get back on the road by 14:30.
385/65R22.5 super single trailer replacement

2. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer - Our next example was an unrepairable puncture on the nearside rear tyre. We strive to repair rather than replace, but that was not possible in this case. A Michelin XMT was fitted to replace the punctured tyre, a Pharos Tyre. The pressure setting was adjusted to 125 and the old truck tyre was scrapped. Our intrepid 24 hour commercial tyre fitter attended the job at Jet Services near Immingham at 14:20 in what was clearly a sunny afternoon, and the truck was back on the road again in just 20 minutes.
385/65R22.5 super single trailer

3. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer - This time a Lauffenn LF95 160K Tyre was fitted and a Hankook TH31 was removed and scrapped after suffering a blowout. The old tyre was almost at the end of its working life anyway with only 4mm of tread depth left. The job took place in the early hours at 00:45 and was completed in 25 minutes on the North Wales coast between junction 14 and 15 at Llanfairfechan.
385/65R22.5 super single trailer tyre

4. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer tyre - This offside front blowout resulted in our 24 hour commercial tyre call out turning up with a requested new tyre ready to fit it but he was thwarted as the wheel hub was severely damaged denying access for our tyre fitter to be able to remove the wheel nuts to remove the wheel. The new tyre and a 11.75X22.5 centre nave wheel, was eventually fitted after a mechanic attend to remove the offending wheel. The job was located at a Kwik-Fit site in London.
385/65R22.5 super single trailer

5. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer - This nearside middle tyre blowout meant our 24 hour emergency truck tyre service was required on the hard shoulder of the M6 Northbound just south of Junction 15. The commercial tyre call out service arrived at 8:04 and was on site for 1hour 39 minutes. A Tegrys TE48T tyre was fitted along with HPVC and the Giti tyre or what was left of it was removed. The tyre had blown out despite having 9 mm tread depth left and clearly had to be scrapped.
Emergency lorry tyre replacements like this on a busy motorway, at 8am, when the road is perhaps at it busiest, are clearly full of potential risks but our highly trained network and our health and safety standards for work like this mean that the job can be completed effectively and professionally.
Emergency truck tyre blowout

6. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer - This nearside middle tyre was initially called in as a puncture but on inspection it was obvious that it had suffered some severe abrasion and was ‘flat spotted’. The old tyre a Hankook TH1 was replaced with a Groundspeed. Clearly the tread depth couldn’t be recorded because of the flat spot. Our fleet services team were able to locate a replacement tyre and fitter and they completed the job in 1 hour and 5 minutes in Shepton Mallet.
385/65R22.5 super single trailer

7. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer - For the regular readers of our picture story there would normally be a picture of a dumper truck tyre that had been repaired as a result of a nail or screw puncturing it but clearly that incident can also happen to our Supers Single Trailer tyres. This one on the nearside front tyre was replaced with a Golden Cross AT557 tyre along with HPVC. Like as often is the case for a dumper truck it was called in to our fleet tyre management team as an HGV emergency tyre repair. On inspection the tyre was worn below the legal limit resulting in the old tyre a Sailun STL1 having to be replaced and scrapped. The truck tyre replacement job only took 33 Minutes to complete on site at 17:34 to 18:07, in Barnsley.
Commercial tyre replaced because of nail

8. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer - Another nearside middle truck tyre replacement was needed and this time a Westlake WRT1 164K was fitted. The Samson GL286T which was removed had suffered a blow out despite its exceptional 14 mm tread depth. Normally, this client would have the old tyre returned with the driver per their truck tyre fleet management company policy but in this case, it had to be scrapped due to a shortage of space on the vehicle. Our mobile truck tyre quick resolution took just 46 minutes to complete on the A489 Newtown Bypass.

9. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer - In this case a nearside front Hankook TH22 was replaced with another Hankook along with a valve and HPVC. As you can see the damage was relatively severe because of a blow out and the tread depth left was 8mm. The new lorry tyre now a TH31 replaced the old one a TH22 which was scrapped. The job took 27 minutes for our mobile truck tyre fitter to complete whilst the vehicle was in a layby on the A50 just after junction 15 Northbound near Stoke on Trent.

10. 385/65R22.5 super single trailer - Another blow out this time a Blacklion BT160 was fitted to the near side middle position to replace an identical tyre along with HPVC. The old tyre’s tread depth couldn’t be measured, and it was scrapped. Our final example this month of a Super Single trailer incident took place at Woodall services Northbound on the M1 at 8:30am. 

Another successful job to add to over 300 similar cases of emergency truck tyre fitting nationwide every day.  

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