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09 August 23

Tyre Troubles July 2023

Here are some more pictures from our 24/7 lorry and van tyre services nearby around the UK showing examples of emergency van tyre call outs and commercial truck tyre repairs or replacements during the last month. 
We have over 1,000 tyre dealers and depots nationwide servicing more than 300 emergency fleet and commercial vehicle callouts every day.
Our aim is to fix any tyre, anytime and anywhere and most importantly, get your vehicle back on the road in under 90 minutes.

1. Here is a typical example of why all vehicles including trailers should have their tyres checked on a regular basis. This trailer had 2 rear 185/70R13C tyres that needed replacing ahead of their time as you can see due to uneven wear. Often tyres cannot be easily inspected especially when the wear is on the inside edge. The new tyres were a budget brand known as ‘Security Tyres’ along with 2 new  high pressure commercial valves. The tyres that had the uneven wear were Savero steel radial tyres and the inside edge was badly feathered resulting in them being scrapped. The job took 34 minutes to complete at midday on a site at Barrow Gurney southwest of Bristol.
trailer tyre replacement

2. Our team provide a 24 hour call out commercial tyre repair or replacement service and our aim is to get the vehicle in question back in action as quickly as possible as we are all mindful that time is money as far as our customers and their vehicles are concerned. This is a good example of being pragmatic where our tyre services team fixed two 295/80R13 starco tyres temporarily with 2 new inner tubes. Whilst thee specialist tyres for a dumper truck were ordered as no stock was available locally. The tread depths on the 2 dumper truck tyres that needed repairing and ultimately replacement was 5mm and the job took just 50 minutes to complete finishing at 12:50 at the very highly commended Holmes Chapel High school in Cheshire.

3. Another day another Dumper truck, this time a repair on the tube inside a near side front  11.5/80R15.3 Mitas Tyre. The tread depth remaining on this 3-ton dumper was 15 mm and it took just 16 minutes for our emergency truck tyre fitter to get this dumper truck back in action at Sambourne road in Wiltshire.
Dumper truck tyre replacement

4. Not every emergency tyre call-out is immediately successful, these two photos show a more complex situation than a simple blowout. The emergency request was for our emergency tyre fitter to fit a 155/70R12C budget tyre as this ‘Welfare Unit’ had suffered a blowout. Our fitter was told that the driver was lifting the unit to provide easier access for the fitter but on closer inspection it was clear that the ‘leaf spring’ had to be replaced. (Leaf springs are the arc shaped thin steel plates that are attached to the axle and the chassis to provide support for the vehicle). His advice was that the vehicle needed to be recovered from the roadside in SW19 (Wimbledon!) and that we will attend again at a later date to complete the job
Leaf Spring Damage

5. This offside rear 225/65R16C tyre was replaced with a Runway (Budget) tyre with a 112 Load Rating.  Our fitter also swapped some tyres around on this vehicle. The old tyre was scrapped and that took just 10 minutes to complete and scrap the old tyre but in an awkward location on the M5 southbound between junctions 7 and 8. Part of the role of the tele operator who takes the incoming emergency call, is to determine the exact location and the direction of travel as this could result in an unnecessary delay for both the truck tyre fitter but also the driver. It is a key skill for our team to have on the phones, especially when a lot of the drivers are not from this country.
offside rear 225/65R16C tyre replaced

6. A well-worn set of 4 tyres, nearside front, offside front, nearside rear, and offside rear all replaced on this super single trailer with 385/65R22.5 tyres. Each of the positions were fitted with Hankook TH31 160K trailer tyres along with 4 HPVC’s fitted. The Goodyear KAMAX T 160K that were removed were all below the legal limit with just 1mm of tread left resulting in the old tyres being scrapped. The job took 13 minutes to complete and unusually was a drive-in job at our depot in Coalville near Leicester so no need to call on our truck tyre roadside assistance team resulting in no call out charge.
set of 4 new tyres required

7. Our 24-hour van tyre fitter near Thornton Heath Croydon close to Selhurst Park, the Crystal Palace stadium, attended this near side front tyre emergency and fitted a 235/65R16 Compasal tyre on a 115 load rating. The new tyre was also balanced, re-torqued and fitted with a new valve. The old tyre was scrapped as it had both low tread and sidewall damage. The emergency van tyre replacement took just 18 minutes to complete.
Fast commercial tyre repair - 18 minutes

8. This was an out of hours commercial tyre repair that was called in at 19:00 at a Shell Garage in Buckingham. A Hankook 235/75R17.5K TH31 143K tyre was fitted to the nearside front position. As you can clearly see this vehicle needed a 6.75X17.5 10 stud off set wheel along with a new valve, HPVC and a 30-minute retorque. The old tyre removed by our emergency truck tyre fitter was a Goodyear Kmax T Tyre that was sent to the tyre bank. The whole truck tyre and wheel replacement took 50 minutes to complete.

9. The pictures appear to show relatively minor damage but the report from our truck tyre fitter near Farnborough Barn, north Oxfordshire presents a somewhat more complex summary. The near side middle outer tyre was replaced with a 315/60R22.5 Hankook DH31. The truck tyre fitter’s notes revealed that the inner wheel had seized on and the tyre blown out. He had fitted an outer tyre but needed a mechanic to remove the inner wheel. The replaced tyre was a Goodyear Fuel Max S with 8 mm tread depth that was scrapped. This complex job took 80 minutes to complete on site.
complex commercial tyre replacement

10. To finish we have a 9 ton dumper truck where the two offside tyres had cuts causing punctures, but they could be repaired fortunately. The Starco Tyres in question were 500/60R22.5, the fitter also fitted 2 valves and 2 HPVC’S. Both tyres had 9mm tread left although the fitter advised the customer that if they continued to deflate, that they would probably need replacing. This construction site was a Best Way site in Weston Supermare.
dumper truck tyre replacement

If your fleet doesn’t have a maintenance contract in place or you’d like your local tyre dealer to be able to use our network to attend emergencies and get the benefit of your existing agreed tyre prices but nationwide then why not just give us a call. We pride ourselves on answering the calls in under 10 seconds and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help you equally quickly.

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