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30 June 23

Tyre Troubles June 2023

Here are some more pictures from our 24/7 lorry tyre services team around the UK showing examples of commercial truck and van tyre repairs or fitting replacement tyres during the last month.  We have over 1,000 depots nationwide servicing more than 300 emergency fleet and commercial vehicle callouts every day. Our aim is to fix any tyre, anytime and anywhere and most importantly, get you back on the road in under 90 minutes. 

1. Tyre Blow Out On The A14

After a blow out on the A14 between Leighton Bromsgrove and Brampton, this 385/65R22.5 Vaculug R-TH22 still had 12 mm tread depth left and so after replacement it was sent to the ‘bank’.  The call out began  just before 7pm  and took 2 hours and 14 minutes for our 24 hr commercial tyre fitter to complete. The driver was advised that he’d need a retorque or to be checked after either 30 minutes (whether the vehicle has moved or not) or after the vehicle has travelled between 40-80 km (25-50 miles). Whilst our emergency commercial tyre fitter in the area can complete the repair or replacement, it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure the later retorque is carried out if the wheel nuts are removed. The truck tyre was replaced with a 385/65R22.5 Hankook TH31 164K.
Tyre Blow Out A14

2. Goodyear Tyre Failure

A Daf truck travelling along the A34 South of The A303 when a 285/70R19.5 Goodyear tyre failed.  It was almost a tea break for the driver in that the job started just after 3pm but was completed with the same tyre reference but made by Hankook being fitted in just 32 minutes to enable the driver to get on his way.This picture is typical of a truck tyre blow out and an emergency commercial tyre replacement call out that we do hundreds of times every day.

3. Emergency Truck Tyre Replacement Brixton

It took our emergency commercial tyre service fitter 2 hrs and 16 minutes to complete this unusual job in that the wheel studs had rusted and were spinning in their hubs needing our emergency truck tyre fitters in the local area to remove and replace the studs and nuts at Brockwell Park near Brixton.

4. Trailer Tyre Replacement Worthing

Much further south at Yapton near Worthing, this trailer tyre a Hankook  235/75R17.5 blew out and took 31 minutes for our fitter to fix the problems by replacing it with the same tyre on the spare wheel. Our hgv commercial tyre fitting service nearby reported that the old tyre had 11mm tread left and the wheel in question was re-torqued at 500 nm resulting in another mobile change truck tyre job completed.

5. New Torque TQ022 Trailer Tyre

Our emergency truck tyre services were called to an incident on the A617 travelling towards the M1 to replace a trailer tyre 385/65R22.5 where the side wall had split. The replaced tyre only had 3mm tread depth left and so was scrapped.  It was replaced with a new Torque TQ022 trailer tyre.

6. Trailer Tyre Replacement Frome

Probably because of a collision our mobile emergency commercial tyre replacement team were called out to replace 3 385/65R22.5 SUPER SINGLE TRAILER TYRES. All 3 off side tyres needed to be replaced and were fitted with FALKENS R1151’S by our mobile hgv commercial tyres fitters. As they all had sidewall damage, we concluded that they had hit something a bit more substantial than the tyres and indeed the rims as the mobile truck tyre fitting included 3, 11.75R22.5 STEEL CENTRE NAÏVE RIMS. Also, a retorque was carried out too. All 3 of the HANKOOK & BANDULVC TYRES that were removed were sent to the tyre Bank.  Our fitters took 1 hour to complete this truck tyre replacement in Frome Somerset.

7. Dumper Truck Tyre Replacement

Our 7th truck tyre emergency call out featured this month was another dumper truck and plant job.  This time the 3-ton dumper had suffered a puncture that could be repaired to this 295/80R15.3 STARCO TYRE . The dumper truck tyre with the puncture was on the near side front and an OTR plug was fitted which was lucky for the operator as the dumper tyre still had 18 mm of tread depth remaining.  This tyre repair took just 20 minutes to complete mid-afternoon. Also, a risk assessment was carried out by our qualified mobile truck tyre fitter as the site was a Network rail site at rail sidings near Crewe.

8. Earth Moving Vehicle Tye Repair

This HYDREMA Earth Moving Vehicle had a puncture on its nearside rear tyre the 600/55R26.5 ALLIANCE TYRE  puncture  was repaired externally with 21mm of tread depth remaining. Our roadside lorry tyre assistance team were called out at 8:30AM and completed the job at 9:04. The wheels were not removed to carry out the job which was located near Southampton. As is often the case, this job was booked in the day before ready for attendance on site the next day to fix the puncture in the tyre or replace the tyre.

9. Michelin Truck Tyre Replacement Nottingham

This Michelin tyre was removed from the near side inner position after a tyre blow out.  It was replaced with a 295/80R22.5 HANKOOK DH31 tyre with a 152M load rating.  The old Michelin trye was scrapped and the job only took 33 minutes to complete even though the wheels were removed to enable the truck tyre replacement which also meant that the nuts had to be torqued to 680 nm as well.The job was completed but our emergency truck tyre team near Nottingham.

10. New JCB Sitemaster Tyre

Almost every month we feature a tyre repair or replacement for a dumper truck on a building site somewhere in the UK and it is a frequent occurrence due to the very nature of what they are designed to do.  In this emergency tyre breakdown it was an offside steering front 440/80R24 Industrial vehicle fitted with a new JCB sitemaster tyre, that had sidewall damage with only 10 mm trade depth remaining.  The old tyre was scrapped and it took our on-site mobile tyre fitter ½ an hour to complete.  As is often the case with building sites, the job was scheduled for 8:30AM at a building site in Canterbury in Kent.  The new tyre that was fitted has 20mm of tread depth.

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