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02 November 23

Tyre Troubles September 2023

Here are 10 more examples of a commercial tyre emergency typical of those dealt with by our network every day. Fleet management services are dealing with circa 300 cases every day through our office from where your call should be answered within 6 seconds no matter how complex or seemingly difficult your emergency is, we’ll aim to have it sorted within 90 minutes to get you back on the road.
Our service is also available for Van tyres too so you may have a query like “mobile flat van tyre service near me” or “emergency van tyre call out” and we’ll find the van emergency tyre replacement service and the tyre in question and aim to get you back on the road in 90 minutes.

We have over 1,000 tyre dealers and depots nationwide servicing a huge number of emergency fleet and commercial vehicle callouts every day either on a single emergency tyre repair or replacement basis or more often as part of a fleet management services programme.
Our aim is to fix any tyre, anytime and anywhere and most importantly, get your vehicle back on the road in under 90 minutes.

1. Our first example from last month was a 385/65R22.5 NSM trailer tyre, super single vehicle. It was initially called in as a puncture but clearly it was a bit more than that, our commercial tyre changer fitted a budget tyre along with hpvc. The failed trailer tyre was scrapped the whole job was completed within 30 minutes and our truck tyre fitter was at the scene on the M3 at junction 9 northbound within the hour and so the stricken vehicle was back on the road at 17:30.

2. Our second commercial tyre failure was also called in as a puncture but as you can see, it was a tyre and wheel replacement for this ZJ115251 - 205/75R16 NSF position. Unfortunately, the haulage company concerned were charged an additional abandoned job fee as the wheel was beyond repair so the fitter had to re-book the callout with the correct items to be replaced i.e. a new truck wheel. (this does highlight the importance of providing the correct job information for the fitter to attend with the correct items and equipment) The location of this commercial tyre emergency call out  was Laneshaw Bridge, Wycoller in the Borough of Pendle, Lancashire.

3. This 385/65R22.5 Super single trailer tyre, NSR position had blown out with a tread depth left of 7mm.  The old trailer tyre, a ‘Next Tread’ brand with a 160k loading was replaced with an all season tyre  a Hankook TH3. The old tyre that was removed was scrapped and the job took 35 minutes to complete once the truck tyre fitter was on site at 8:25.  The job location was on the M6 southbound between junctions 3 and 2.

4. As regular readers will know, we often feature a tyre repair or replacement for a dumper truck but this NSF 225/75R15.3 Starco tyre is perhaps the newest looking tyre we’ve seen.  Inevitably, as is often the case on a building site, it was punctured bringing the  1Ton dumper to a halt.  The dumper truck tyre had 15mm tread depth.  The job was for one of our contracted fleet customers and took just 10 minutes to complete, on site at 12:45 and off site at 12:55 at a site in South Cerney near Swindon.

5. Here is an example of a well-worn truck tyre and other incidental wear, in this case the wheel studs.  Our emergency tyre fitters are trained consider all aspects of tyre safety so apart from replacing this worn 295/80R22.5 NS2ND steer,  He fitted a budget tyre as the old tyre had worn down to 2mm tread depth and carried out a 30 min retorque.  The truck fitter’s job notes show that he advised the driver that the ‘Wheel studs are worn heavily on the hub and that he had taken pictures’, The driver said that he’d drive to a garage to sort out the wheel studs. The old tyre was scrapped and the job took 53 minutes to complete, on site at 13:01.  The tyre incident took place at Banbury Common  in Oxfordshire.

6. This month’s example of a plant job was a double puncture repair on an Avant Forklift truck. Both the NSF & NSR - 320/60R12’s were punctured. The commercial tyre repair was called in for a pair of Trelleborg T421 tyres.  The repair took place at a large house near High Wycombe and took 34 mins to complete, beginning at 13:08 and finishing 13:42. These specialist wheels were removed to complete the job and wheel nuts torqued to a setting of 160nm.

7. Here’s a tyre that has had its fair share of wear.  This 385/65R22.5 OSR on a super single trailer was almost completely worn down with 1mm or less tread depth remaining. A Challenger CTH2 tyre  was fitted along with a hpvc.  The old Bandvulc za2 tyre (a derivative of Continental tyres) was removed due to wear and was scrapped. The truck trailer emergency tyre job took 45 mins to complete, on site 10:15 and off 11:00 and was located close to Curdworth near Birmingham and the NEC.

8. Another truck trailer tyre emergency took place on the M6 services at Sandbach northbound.  A new 285/70R19.5 NS3RD Outer tyre a GITI GTL919 tyre was fitted on a trailer after a blow out which destroyed the continental CHT3 which was the old tyre.  The old tyre went to a casing bank, job took 10 minutes to complete, on site 15:38 and off 15:48, the wheel nuts were also torqued to 600nm.

9. Our final truck trailer tyre emergency this month was a 385/65R22.5 Super single trailer, NSR.   As you can see from the outside and inside pictures this nail also did its damage close to the site of an earlier case at Curdworth near Birmingham and the NEC.  Our local fitter was hopeful that he could provide a roadside assistance lorry tyre repair but it was deemed to be an unrepairable tyre and so was replaced with a Challenger CTH2 tyre along with a HPVC cap.  The job took 40 mins to complete, on site 09:20 and offsite 10:00.

10. Our last truck tyre replacement this month was as a result of a blowout on a 315/70R22.5 NSF steer wheel.  The shredded and almost unrecognisable Goodyear tyre was replaced with a Budget brand. The remnants of the Goodyear blow out were still wrapped around the axle when the fitter arrived.  We often smile when we see the fitter add a tread depth to the job notes in a case like this because they find a piece of the tread, tongue in cheek so that they can report back but in this case none was to be found.  I can further add that this really was a  truck tyre road service near me because I live near Knutsford and it took place at Knutsford Services, between junction18 and 19, on the M6 Northbound.

We are currently on a recruitment drive to sign up more fleets to a maintenance contract so if your fleet doesn’t have a tyre and wheel fleet maintenance contract in place or you’d like your local tyre dealer to be able to use our national network to attend emergencies when your vehicles are delivering or working out of area, then talk to us. Just click the link and leave your details so that James can make contact and talk you through the services we offer. We will be delighted to work with your current provider and give them a national emergency breakdown service to add to what they provide you with locally.  We pride ourselves on answering the calls in under 10 seconds and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help you equally quickly.


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