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21 June 23

Tyrenet Managing Director Announces Retirement

Managing Director Mike Riley announces retirement after 57 years in the Tyre Industry

For two decades Tyrenet has been driven by the leadership of Managing Director Mike Riley. After committing over 50 years to the Tyre Industry, we can now announce his much-deserved retirement effective 30th June. His contributions have been integral to the success of Tyrenet therefore Mike will continue to play a strategic role in the company as Chairman, moving from the daily operations to overseeing and influencing the future growth of Tyrenet.

Mike’s early career began in 1966 as a Field Service Engineer at Dunlop. After eleven years, he made the jump to ATS working as an Area Sales Manager. It was in 1985 when the decision was made to start his own venture and within the year had established his first successful business Tyresave. As Tyresave thrived into becoming one of the leading companies of its type in the Northwest, another chapter began, Tyrenet. Since 2004, Mike has nurtured Tyrenet into the UK’s leading tyre management and repair specialist network. Three years later Mike also co-founded the Tyre European Network (TEN), the first pan-European independent tyre dealer network which includes 14 countries and more than 3,600 service centres.
Mike has great confidence in Tyrenet’s future and for the well-established team to lead its further success. Business will remain as usual as the reigns will be handed over to Aaron Mikoleizik, Tyrenet’s current Finance and Operations Director. Aaron has been a Director of Tyrenet since early 2009 which guarantees for a seamless transition. Tyrenet’s aim has always been to deliver the highest standards for our customers and the same quality can be expected with Aaron leading the business. 
With Mike’s upcoming retirement it gives him the opportunity to relax, unwind and spend time with family… or so you would think! On September 21st we would like for you all to wish him the best as he embarks on a new solo adventure to walk the Camino De Santiago in Spain. Beginning his long trek at Saint Sebastian, Mike will complete a total of 504 miles (14 miles a day) and arrive 36 days later at Santiago De Compostela. Please support Mike by following Tyrenet on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube where he will be posting daily updates.

Mike Riley Tyrenet

We leave you with a message from Mike – “As a teenager checking tyres on customers trucks, I could never have imagined that five decades later I would have created and been at the head of a network of independent tyre dealerships, linking fleets and dealers and providing business solutions and value – I feel so proud and yet so humble in equal measures. 

Proud, because I was driven by a passion for something greater than myself. Humble, because others shared the same vision and shared their ideas and business, and especially work colleagues who have given so much to me and our customers.
And as I move to another chapter in my life, that pride and humility is the thread that runs through the business network Tyrenet that many helped create and develop.
Tyrenet has and continues to drive innovation and positive change in our fast-moving businesses, and keeping vehicles moving as at the heart of everything we do. 
So, as I take a back seat in life and business, I am proud, humble and confident that the drive for excellence that created Tyrenet will continue and endure, providing more businesses with the best in class solution to vehicle mobility”.
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